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Aftershokz Trekz air red bone conduction headphones

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Lighter and more stylish, the new Trekz Air combines acoustic performance and comfort for a safe musical ride thanks to bone conduction technology.

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This product has following properties

Guarantee2 years
Accessories suppliedNo
Number of pieces1
Maximum autonomy6h
Wireless communicationnot
Product weight26g
Type of helmetAudio
Noise reducerNo
Use of headphonesSport
Connection modeWireless
Autonomyuntil 6am
Wireless connectionYes
Volume controlNo
Headset power supplyUniversal micro-USB cable
Bluetooth RequiredYes
Power modeWireless

RED colour.

To understand how Trekz Air works, the concept of a transducer is essential: it is a device that converts one physical signal into another. A microphone, for example, is a transducer, just like a speaker or headphones: the speaker of the latter, thanks to the coil, transforms the electrical signal into a mechanical wave which, through the movement of the membrane, is translated into an acoustic wave.

The Trekz Air is inspired by its predecessor, the Trekz Titanium. With a new design and lighter weight, this headset pushes the limits of bone conduction with its sound qualities and its extremely light, flexible titanium headband.

Are you looking to pace your sports sessions while remaining aware of your surroundings? The all-new Trekz Air will keep you safe on the trail, on the street and on the road. You'll be amazed by its sound quality, its lightness (30 g), its comfort and its flexibility which makes it more resistant.

Light, comfortable and space-saving, it is also ideal for your indoor sports activities.

Features :

  • Technology: osteophony or bone conduction
    These open-face headphones allow you to make phone calls or listen to your MP3 and the sounds around you. Trekz Air headphones have 2 transducers that emit mini vibrations that pass through the cheekbones and cheeks to reach the cochlea (inner ear). Your ears are free; nothing blocks or covers them.
  • Safety
    Our Open Fit™ technology allows you to listen to music or make calls without cutting yourself off from the world. These bone-conducting headphones keep you aware of what's going on around you.
  • Health
    Your eardrums are not used, so they are preserved. And if you have trouble with traditional headphones or have problems with your eardrums or middle ear, these headphones are a solution, as they allow you to hear any sound source in stereo
  • Ultra comfortable
    Trekz Air's headband has been redesigned to better fit all heads and to optimise bass reproduction. The headband is now made entirely of titanium, which is strong and flexible and provides a soft, comfortable fit and excellent durability.
    The transducer sits in front of the ear (rather than inside it, which is more comfortable), and the headband sits on the back of the neck. Extremely light (weighing 30 g) and stable even when moving your head, you can make calls or listen to music or the radio without handling your smartphone. Ideal for athletes on the move!
  • High quality sound and acoustics
    Our patented "Premium Pitch +™" technology guarantees you high-quality dynamic stereo sound with boosted bass. In addition, the "LeakSlayer+™" technology that significantly reduces unwanted acoustic leakage around the user has been improved.
  • Preset equalizer
    Equalization presets allow you to customize your listening experience, by increasing bass or even reducing vibrations for example.
  • Resistant to heavy use
    Trekz Air headphones are IP 55 certified: they are resistant to sweat and rain, the components have been protected by a nano technology treatment and the rubber seals are waterproof.
  • Noise-cancelling microphone
    Two improved microphones further eliminate ambient noise, allowing clear conversations with your contacts even in noisy environments.
  • Intuitive control and multi-point pairing
    The controls are easily accessible on the Trekz Air headset's headband. They allow you to turn the headset on and off, control the volume, check the battery status and more. A multi-function button on the left earpiece also allows you to pick up the phone, hang up, change the track you are listening to, etc. without having to use your smartphone. It is also possible to associate Trekz Air with several sound sources simultaneously.
  • Voice guidance: Audrey's voice
    You are guided and accompanied by a voice that informs you during pairing, but also on the battery level and if you change the equalisation setting.
  • Uses
    The Trekz Air Bluetooth headset is ideal for mountain biking, running, hiking, training by listening to heart rate monitor beeps, and any outdoor sports activity. You listen to ambient noises such as cars...and you stay aware of your surroundings and increase your safety. You can also run with others and chat while listening to your music.
    With the headphones in front of your ear, you can also work on your computer while listening to the sounds around you. This means you are no longer isolated from the rest of the company and you are aware of what is going on around you.
  • Battery life
    6 hours of music or phone conversations, 2 hours of charging.

Package content

  • Headset AfterShokz Trekz Air
  • Storage pouch
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • Pouch of 2 earplugs
  • User manual and card with serial number


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Aftershokz Trekz air red bone conduction headphones

Aftershokz Trekz air red bone conduction headphones

Lighter and more stylish, the new Trekz Air combines acoustic performance and comfort for a safe musical ride thanks to bone conduction technology.