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Ety.kids 5 Headphones, Black

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Childproof headphones. Limits the volume. Black model.

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This product has following properties

Guarantee2 years
(Type) Product :Hearing amplifier
Nozzles/ Volume control2 earpieces
Noise level / ideal travel MandatoryUp to 20 dB
Batteries / Carrying case MandatoryCarrying case
Suitable for :To the children
Contents :2 earpieces

Etykids 5 Children's Music Earphones

Children's hearing is still very fragile and constantly developing, so it is important to care for and protect it to prevent ear damage such as ear infections or tinnitus.

Children and teenagers often tend to listen to music quite loudly, these headphones limit the volume to a reasonable level.

Why use Etykids 5?

Etykids 5 have the particularity to be both earphones and anti-noise protection!

Indeed, when we listen to music in a noisy environment like in transports for example, we increase the sound volume to continue to hear the sound and we don't realize the danger that it represents for our ears. Etykids earphones attenuate the external nuisance and transmit a quality sound to the ear.

So there is no need to keep turning up the volume of the music!

Their design is simple and uncluttered, two colours are available: Black or Pink.

Their ACCU-FIT earpieces and silicone tips are ultra-comfortable and adapt perfectly to the size of the small ear canal of children.

Etykids earphones can be connected to all connected objects with a jack plug (MP3, console, iPod, iPhone, iPad, phones ...)

Suitable for children over 4 years old. You get a one year warranty.

Contents :

  • 1 pair of Etykids earphones, black
  • 3 pairs of ear tips.
  • 1 shirt clip
  • 1 storage pouch.


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Ety.kids 5 Headphones, Black

Ety.kids 5 Headphones, Black

Childproof headphones. Limits the volume. Black model.