Noise Generator Sound Oasis S-550-05 (Tinnitus Treatment)


Noise Generator Sound Oasis S-550-05

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Noise generator Sound Oasis s-550-05.

Ideal for the treatment of tinnitus.

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This product has following properties

Guarantee2 years
Accessories suppliedNo
Product weight435g
Type of sleep aidSound relaxation
Number and types of sounds6 sounds, white noise and nature
Operating autonomy8h
Power modeRechargeable

Noise generator Sound Oasis s-550-05

Sound therapy is a proven method of helping people sleep soundly and wake up feeling rested.

Why use a sound generator?

Medical studies have shown that it is easier to relax and sleep when you can block out distracting noise and listen to the sounds of nature Sound Oasis the SoundOasis noise generator is used in hospitals, clinics or nursing homes to help people fall asleep more easily, providing quality sleep and relief from tinnitus.

Enjoy 6 authentic natural sounds with very long sound ranges. The sound reproduction is very realistic

  • Ocean wave
  • Rain
  • River runoff
  • Wind
  • White noise
  • Summer night

It is possible to add sounds! Indeed Sound Oasis is the first device to offer additional sound card technology, allowing you to add new sounds by simply inserting a card containing 6 different sounds (available on this site).

The sound generator works either continuously or on a timer of 30, 60 or 90 minutes to switch off when you are asleep

You can connect the generator to your headphones or sound pillow using the supplied jack cable

This device is ideal for people who have difficulty falling asleep due to tinnitus or stress.

Our tips for use

If you would like to listen to even more sound, there are sound cards available, each with 6 additional sounds, giving you a varied choice of relaxing sounds

  • Tropical rain forest
  • Wilderness journey

A memory button is available to replay the last sound. The SoundOasis runs on 4 AA batteries which are not included.

The unit can be placed flat, stood on a stand or hung on a wall.

One year warranty.


  • 1 SoundOasis noise generator
  • 1 jack cable


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Noise Generator Sound Oasis S-550-05

Noise Generator Sound Oasis S-550-05

Noise generator Sound Oasis s-550-05.

Ideal for the treatment of tinnitus.


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