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Swimming earplugs, SurfSafe, Alpine

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Alpine SurfSafe

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(Type) Product :Anti-noise plugs
Nozzles/ Volume control1 tip size
Noise level / ideal travel MandatoryUp to 20 dB
Batteries / Carrying case MandatoryCarrying case
Suitable for :For adults
Contents :1 pair of caps

Preventing exostosis

Do you want to enjoy water sports without suffering from cold, water and wind in your ears? The Alpine SurfSafe earplugs are specially designed for water sportspeople. Traditional earplugs not only block out water and wind, but also environmental noise, which destabilises and impedes communication. The special filters of Alpine SurfSafe prevent water and wind from entering the ears, but do not block external sounds.

Cold, water and wind can cause ear infections and exostosis. Exostosis is an embarrassing and serious condition that can affect water sportspeople of all ages. In addition, a fall can lead to a tear in the eardrum. SurfSafe Alpine earplugs help prevent ear infections, exostosis and eardrum tearing, while helping to maintain communication and balance. So you can enjoy water sports without worrying!

Thanks to the water and wind resistant filters of the Alpine SurfSafe earplugs, your ears remain protected and you are able to continue communicating. The plugs are made of a soft and flexible material AlpineThermoShape™. This material fits perfectly in the ear canal. Furthermore, it does not contain silicones and therefore does not cause irritation to the sensitive skin of the ear. The filters are made of unbreakable, windproof material. The plugs are supplied with a stylish elastic cord so that you don't lose them.


  • Specially designed for water sportsmen
  • Prevents cold, water and wind from entering the ears
  • Minimal damping of environmental sounds, communication remains possible
  • Prevents otitis and exostosis
  • Prevents tearing of the eardrum when falling into water
  • Does not affect the balance
  • Ergonomic shape thanks to soft material AlpineThermoShape™
  • Filters made of robust wind and water resistant material
  • Easy to put on and take off; one size fits all, no difference between right and left
  • Non-irritating to the skin, thanks to the soft silicone-free material
  • Includes pouch, elastic cord and cleaning spray Alpine Clean (5 ml)
  • Long life span


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Swimming earplugs, SurfSafe, Alpine

Swimming earplugs, SurfSafe, Alpine

Alpine SurfSafe